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Facility Rental, Events, Boarding, Lessons and more are available - see our services page for more information or to contact us about services that we can provide for you.

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Brian and Carrie Bangert, owners and operators of Timber Creek Stables, have 3 children Bailey, Carter and Abbey and two dogs, Bruin and Bandit. Brian, originally from Tonica, Illinois is the General Manager at Funk Farms Trust.  Carrie grew up in Shirley, spending much of her childhood running around the property on which Timber Creek Stables now sits.  A former elementary school teacher, she now manages Bangert Farms, and Timber Creek Stables operations. 


Timber Creek Equine Manager: Liz Brockhouse

Timber Creek Facilities Manager: Clayton Richards

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Timber Creek Stables is a premier equine facility located in Central Illinois that offers a beautiful location for horse and rider. Unlike any other facility in the area, we focus on the performance horse, regardless of its discipline. We work diligently to provide opportunities for you to enjoy your horse at our facility.  


Please browse through our site to learn more about Timber Creek Stables and what makes us so inviting. Feel free to email or call us with any questions, or to schedule a visit. 


Special Thanks
If not for the Funk Farms Trust Board, this would not have been possible. Faced with the possibility of demolition, and weighing the opportunity of renovation, the board voted unanimously to save the aging seed drying facility. We pray this facility brings as much joy and happiness to those who utilize it, as it has brought to us who worked on its construction. We want to make sure that each and every person knows that we deeply appreciate all of the help to make this unique stable possible. Most commonly referred to as “quite a project,” this has been a great journey.

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